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contact lenses

Dr. Zawilinski specializes in contact lens fittings ensuring you are in the best lenses for overall comfort, health and clarity.  We are so confident in our fit procedure, we ensure complete satisfaction of your new contact lenses.


We have one of the largest selections of soft lenses in the Charlotte area.  Whether you're looking for dailies or monthlies, Dr. Zawilinski will find the perfect lens to meet all of your visual needs.   If your current contact lenses aren't giving you all day comfort our doctor will also assess your contact lens solution to make sure your solution and contacts are compatible.  


Are you wanting to not have to use readers over your contacts lenses anymore?  Multifocal contacts utilize the newest technology to give you both distance and near vision allowing you to finally achieve freedom from your glasses.  Dr. Zawilinski is highly skilled in fitting these complex lenses.  Before being fit, she will perform a series of tests to determine the best contact lens options for you and your lifestyle. 


Do you have astigmatism and thought contact lenses weren't an option for you?  Toric contact lenses have dramatically improved in design and comfort over the years, now allowing even patient's with high amounts of astigmatism to easily be corrected.  


Whether you're interested in a dramatic color change or maybe just a subtle enhancement, LUX carries a variety of colors in the newest and healthiest styles to give you the look you've always dreamed of.



These specialty contact lenses are used to help patients with high prescriptions, irregular corneas or to treat various corneal diseases, such as dry eyes or keratoconus.  These are custom made lenses designed specifically for your unique eyes.

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